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Did you know that most dogs and cats show signs of dental disease by the time they are 3 years old?  Your pet accumulates plaque and calculus five times faster than you do!  With some homecare, we can slow this process down.  Our goal is the same as yours – a happy dog or cat with as many healthy teeth as possible!  Fresh breath and a movie star smile doesn’t hurt, either.


Over time, periodontal disease can significantly shorten your pet’s life and cause him or her discomfort.  With periodontal disease, your pet’s bloodstream is showered with bacteria coming from the mouth, potentially causing problems with the heart, kidneys and liver.

Let Us Help Maintain Your Pet's Dental Health 

At Apple Creek, we offer the following dental services:

  • Dental surgery with presurgical blood screening, appropriate anesthesia, monitoring, patient support and pain management included

  • Oral examination, probing and charting

  • Digital radiographs

  • Hand and piezo cleaning

  • Extraction when indicated and necessary


Feel free to give Apple Creek Veterinary Hospital a call for more information. We would be happy to answer your questions.


Excellent Dental Care for Your Pet

It’s best to begin getting your pet used to the idea of a toothbrush and toothpaste as soon as possible.  Show her the brush, let her mouth it, and give her a taste of the paste a few times a week.  You should begin brushing twice a week at about 6 months of age, once all the adult teeth are in.  Our staff will demonstrate how.  If brushing your pet’s teeth is just impossible, we can show you some alternatives.